Friday, November 2, 2012

still kickin it

Hello world! Hope everybody in the tri-state era is safe and dry post-Sandy.

Yes! I'm definitely still alive, and have been shamelessly neglecting this blog. Been super busy working on some exciting new projects and shoots, and finishing up my last year as a student (!). Crazy.

I've temporarily relocated to the upper west side for the week, as lower Manhattan is a complete shit show right now. No power, hot water (and for some unfortunate people, no running water in general) or cell phone/internet service. No public transportation, street lights or traffic lights either. I'm telling you, some real medieval, I am Legend shit going on below 39th street at the moment.

Even though I live in NYC, living in lower Manhattan, i RARELY make it up past 14th street in a given week. Going to spend some quality time exploring with the trusty 35 mm before life (hopefully) returns to normal next week.


  1. good luck with sandy!! I've been studying abroad away from my beloved west village for the year, so it's absolutely surreal seeing all the footage from downtown. love your coat, can't wait to see how the 35mm shots come out!

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