Friday, January 6, 2012


Each year, I fall victim to my own unreasonably high expectations when it comes to resolution-making ("this year, I'm going to go to the gym four times a least!"), which usually leads to me forgoing said resolution by mid February.

This year, I'm keeping my resolutions simple and ambiguous, and hopefully some productivity will ensue.

1) Learn more: read more books and actually absorb information from my classes this year (rather than just bingeing and regurgitating information for finals)

2) Create more: start (and finish) the dozen or so diy projects that I have floating around in my mind, blog somewhat regularly, experiment with cooking more (dying to try out this mashed cauliflower recipe), and take more photos.

3) Be healthier: Eat healthier and more sustainable foods (Michael Pollan would definitely not approve of the out-of-season cherries pictured above...whoops), eat less meat (everybody should read Jonathan Safran Foer's "Eating Animals", pretty enlightening), try to regulate my sleeping habits (finals week doesn't count), and take advantage of the free yoga classes at Yoga to the People more often

4) Treat myself

What are everybody's resolutions this year?

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